What is FOC to a small publisher?


No matter what company you are in the comic book world, FOC can be a stressful time. Final Order Cutoff is the last day a company has to get retailers to order a particular book. For example, Amazing Spider-Man #5 just came out last week, meaning this coming Monday is a good time for retailers to verify how many issue #6s are coming.

If the book is selling out in their store, they might be inclined to up their orders a bit, or drop them if the book is trailing off in sales. Either way, just weeks before the next issue comes out, retailers can change their orders on titles from any of the big companies.

For OSSM Comics? Not so much.

At OSSM, our FOC is basically just called an Order By Date. We have 1 shot at our books selling well, and it’s 2 full months before the book even comes out. Again, an example; by August 28th, we need all of our fans to go in tot their local comic shops and have their retailer order THANIEL and XENOGLYPHS, our two TPBs that release in October.

If sales on these are low, it makes Diamond question whether a company like us is one they should continue doing business with. Granted, we’ve managed to keep a great relationship with Diamond, and they really do go above and beyond in helping us get our name and titles out there, but at the end of the day, this is a business.

What helps us most is when our fans physically go into their local comics store, or calls/emails them, asking for our books. This not only guarantees they get at least 1 copy for you, but also means they might order 1 or 2 extra so that one can sit on their shelf and hopefully attract a new fan.

We’re very grateful to have made it to our 9 month marker as a company. We’re only here because of you. If you like our comics, do us a HUGE favor and visit your local comic shop this week and add MONOMYTH, THANIEL tpb, & XENOGLYPHS tpb to your pull list if you have one, or just ask your retailer to look in this month’s Previews Magazine and order those titles for you.

Or to even make it easier than that, simply give the numbers below to your retailers so they can order our new TPBs before Aug 28th.


AUG141571 F THANIEL TP (MR), STK651619

Again, we greatly appreciate the support. Omar and I hope to make comic books for years to come. :)

Have a wonderful, nerdy summer y’all! Thanks for your time!

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