Currently you can find our Ads in PREVIEWS Magazine, at Bleeding Cool, The Outhousers, and right above this paragraph.

With THANIEL releasing in April, many sites have been helping us spread the word, sharing our Press Releases, doing interviews, writing reviews, podcasts, etc, getting the word out there to all of you. Below are some those sites.


  • Hollywood Reporter announces our new book with NY Best-Selling Author, Brian Buccellato
  • Bleeding Cool continues their support for us with FOSTER
  • Robot 6 of Comic Book Resources kept the flame lit on FOSTER
  • ComicVine shows their love for FOSTER
  • helps spread the word on FOSTER
  • Comic Book Therapy got in on the action as well
  • Graphic Policy reposted about FOSTER
  • Pop Culture Network added to the frenzy
  • Broken Frontier continued to noise


  • Comic Book Resources – Good Comics Thaniel #1 Review
  • OSSM Comics Article from Bleeding Cool
  • Thaniel Article from Bleeding Cool
  • Thaniel PR at
  • PR at Horror Society
  • PR at The Fellowship of the Geeks
  • Thaniel on the Jazma Online Forums
  • Thaniel at
  • Thaniel Info at
  • Press Release at First Comics News
  • Press Release at The Broken Infinite
  • Thaniel #1 Advance Review from Unleash the Fanboy
  • Thaniel #1 Advance Review link from Comic Book Roundup
  • Thaniel #1 Advance Review on Comic Book Resources
  • Wizard Is OZ Blogspot – First Look at Thaniel #1
  • Thaniel #1 Review on Points of Interest with Jay Webb
  • Thaniel #1 Review by Unleash the Fanboy
  • Thaniel #2 Review by Unleash the Fanboy
  • Thaniel #1 & #2 Review by Fanboy Comics
  • Thaniel #1 Review by Images Unplugged
  • Sneak Peek at Thaniel #2 by Geeks of Doom
  • Geek Chic Elite Thaniel #1 Review
  • The Outhousers Unbiased Review of Thaniel
  • Imagination Centre link to Unleash the Fanboy Review
  • The Inagist look at Thaniel
  • Comic Attack Sneak Peek at Thaniel
  • Book Nerds Are Hot interview Thaniel Writer Omar Spahi
  • Ron of the Empire posted our #ComicMarket News
  • Broken Frontier Staff Picks Thaniel


  • Nerdlocker Presents 8-Bit Heroes Podcast – Ep 5 with Omar Spahi & Siike Donnelly
  • Comical Podcast – Ep 4 Bathroom Awesome Time with Omar Spahi
  • Hot Comics – Ep 5.OSSM Comics & Thaniel with Omar Spahi & Siike Donnelly
  • The Kliqnation Comic Book Chronicles – Ep 57 with Omar Spahi & Siike Donnelly