Are You There God? It’s Me, Metatron.

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Endings suck. That’s just a fact.

I’m like Doctor Who in some respects. There have been many times I’ve gotten to the final chapter of a book and just stopped reading, never knowing the ending. It’s in my nature to wonder.

As an editor, working with writers and artists on wrapping up their stories, I lose more sleep than usual trying to make sure the ending matters. All things must end, but where we don’t always get a say on where or how it ends in the real world, in the realm of fiction its almost our duty as creators to connect themes, settles scores, and bring enough closure to please the fans that got as invested and attached to the story as we did.

When you create something, whether it be a book, a meal, a movie, medicine, or even a child, they all now exist to be shared with the world. They’re no longer just yours.

Why am I rambling about near nonsense? Well, because all of this, in many ways, brings me to God and the ending of the comic book mini-series I’ve been writing for the past year, Monomyth.

Drawn by Eric Ninaltowski, with colors by Peejay Catacutan, Monomyth has exceeded my expectations of what I thought this book could be. So as we get to the final issue, with the first two teasing and talking about God, but never showing him, I felt it was important to give the big man a moment to shine.

In the original draft, I didn’t have God in the final issue. I think because I didn’t want to try to understand him as a character in my story. I just wanted him to remain the all-knowing being that most of us believe him to be; a teacher as I like to think of him as. I didn’t want to reduce God to a mere character in my little funny book.

Then I started asking myself all of these questions. I started wondering, as I do, about who the Metatron was in my story, where he came from, and how he got his role as the scribe of Heaven. Naturally, I had to write that scene, and it had to involve God, the big bang, and the beginning of all things in this universe we built. I landed on a scene from my favorite TV show, Supernatural, for inspiration.

In season 5 of Supernatural, there’s a scene between Dean Winchester and Death, the horseman, set in a pizza parlor in Chicago. It’s an intimate scene, but the dialogue paints a picture of epic proportion. Death says that he may be older than God. He eludes to the fact that he was in complete darkness before the light showed up.

My artist, Eric, was worried that I was going to make Metatron our version of Jesus, but instead, I made him Death. Or, he would have been Death, but in this universe, he and God met and became friends, both with a power to create or destroy universes. That’s how the Metatron can do the things he can in the book. He was destined to be a destroyer, but was taught how to build instead.

That’s the overall theme, in a lot of ways, in this story; everyone is the opposite of who they were destined to be.

The reason why endings suck is because they make us think about the journey that led to it. They make us question why certain things did or didn’t happen to lead us to that point. They make us reflect, and not all of us can do that so easily, especially since most of us have experienced pain in our past.

In the two pages below, you will see a scene I added late to the process of writing the final issue. It’s set in “the beginning” when the Big Bang erupts, courtesy of God (I like blending religion and science), and we see that there was something that existed in the darkness already. This scene is the origin of the universe, and the being Metatron, who is given a new destiny to help save the world.

Writing this scene made me understand God a bit more, and gave me a possible answer to why we (humans) are all still alive today, struggling, but continuing in trying to be better. God simply hates endings too. They’re damn hard to write, and no matter what you come up with, not everyone will be happy with it.

Thank you all for supporting this little comic, my first of many to come I hope. Monomyth #3 hits store shelves on October 22nd, 2014 from us here at OSSM Comics and we couldn’t be more proud of how we chose to conclude this epic journey of Enoch, Lucifer, and Michael.

Be sure to pick it up when it hits stores and if you’re at New York Comic-Con Oct 9-12, stop by Booth 2025 to pick up a copy for a friend or to get your copy signed. I’ll be there all weekend.

-Siike Donnelly
Oct 1st, 2014



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