Our Talent


omar-spahiCEO and founder of OSSM Comics, Omar Spahi, has also written XENOGLYPHS, THANIEL, and the recently released SEPARATORS. A comic creator with retail and business experience, running a successful real estate agency and working with management at HI DE HO Comics in Santa Monica, Omar has proven that he’s driven, talented, and passionate.

His goal is to find other creative people like himself and bring original ideas to the proverbial table. It’s hard to be innovative these days, but Omar knows there are many untapped talents in the world, making it his mission to find them and bring, through them, the best in indie comic books.

Omar has produced numerous web series, including the upcoming SONS OF THE DEVIL with New York Times Best Selling Author, Brian Buccellato (Flash, Detective Comics). With successful comics and now a sure-to-be hit series under his belt, Omar continues his conquests into other media in hopes to keep OSSM growing.


peejay-catacutanArtist, inker, colorist, and Art Director of OSSM Comics, Peejay (PJ) lives in the Philippines. He’s provided the visuals (from pencils to colors) on all six issues of XENOGLYPHS, and will be doing the same for the upcoming series, SEPARATORS. He’ll also be doing colors over Eric Ninaltowski’s pencils on MONOMYTH and has worked with Siike before on his comic book for charity, SOLESTAR. You may have also seen PJ’S art on a number of sketch cards for various MARVEL trading cards.

PJ was contacted by Omar after finding the young artist through his Deviant Art page in 2011. Since then, their friendship grew, allowing them both to create the type of comic they’ve always wanted to read growing up. PJ’S art is fresh, unlike anything currently found in most American comic books today. The way he plays with lighting and color only adds to his unique style. A rising star on so many levels, we’re happy to have him with us at OSSM Comics.


Our Editor-In-Chief (EIC) and Marketing Director also manages the time to write and draw as well. Having written and been one of seventy-two artists on his comic book for charity, SOLESTAR, Siike is also the writer of the upcoming mini-series, MONOMYTH. A self-published author, having written two novels (RHINO and HEAVEN’S ECHO), Siike was a retailer at Golden Apple Comics when he met Omar, who came in to setup a signing in the store with his book, XENOGLYPHS. After reading and enjoying the comic himself, Siike stayed in touch with Omar, even going to a few conventions with him to help him sell his comics.

A brain aneurysm survivor, Siike also worked at ARCANA as a writer, PLATINUM STUDIOS, and more recently in marketing at TOP COW. He’s written articles for BLEEDING COOL and HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, as well as been guests on Dan Harmon’s podcast HARMONTOWN and CONVERSATIONS with MATT DWYER, both of which produced by his friend Dustin Marshall of FERAL AUDIO. He was also co-host of the hit podcast, NERD NATION, with his best friend Gene Hoyle. As EIC, Siike is now in charge of making sure books are on time and that they are the best product possible. This means if you have hate mail, send it to him.


If you’ve ever visited Artist Alley, at pretty much any convention in the United States, you have no doubt seen Terry. Having the famous “wall of heads” behind his table, Terry’s unique and beautiful style usually grabs the eye of anyone passing by. A former factory warehouse employee, Terry walked away from his job to pursue his hobby, effectively turning it into a successful career.

An innovator in many ways, Terry and Omar met and immediately began developing a book, character, and world that neither have seen in a comic in years; possibly even since the Milestone days. Their book, an upcoming mini-series called THANIEL, marks one of Terry’s first monthly comic book works, but most certainly not his last. Be sure to check out Terry’s Deviant Art page as well to see more of his incredibly beautiful artwork.


eric-ninaltowskiBorn in Hamilton, NJ, Eric discovered his love of comics during the 90’s boom, pursuing to be a comic artist ever since. Having interned at ALIAS COMICS, Eric met artist extraordinaire, Mike S Miller, whom he shares booth space with at various conventions. Trained by Mike to become a Jedi master, Eric began his first penciling gig in 2007 on HAND OF THE MORNINGSTAR graphic novel, working on 6 of the 8 volumes.

Eric has done sketch cards that include Captain America, Marvel Beginnings, Avengers Kree-Skrull War, and DC’S New 52 set, among others. He met Omar and Siike at Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo in 2013. Upon meeting him, and seeing his beautiful artwork, Siike and Omar knew they found the right guy to bring MONOMYTH to life.

Eric has officially become part of the OSSM family and will be developing a series of his own creation after finishing MONOMYTH. A bright, talented young man, Eric no doubt has an amazing future in the comic book industry, and OSSM Comics is very blessed to have him part of their universe first.


steve-wandsEvery comic company needs access to a very talented letterer. Luckily, Omar came across Steve Wands through mutual friends. Steve has lettered so many amazing titles, from GREEN LANTERN CORPS to ADVENTURE TIME. His resume not only blew us out of the water, but his work did as well. After lettering XENOGLYPHS and THANIEL, it only made sense for us to continue our relationship with Steve and have him letter SEPARATORS and MONOMYTH as well.

His talent in bringing a beautiful and distinct “voice” to each of our titles is something we are very fortunate to have. We hope you enjoy his work as much as we do.